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Avoid Premature Replacement with Regular Garage Door Maintenanc, A quality garage door will perform years of reliable service with the proper care and maintenance. With the help of the expert technicians at Garage Door Repair Dallas, you can improve the performance and add years to the life of your garage door and opener.

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Garage Door Maintenance starts with a thorough inspection

Maintenance should begin with a thorough inspection of the entire system, including the door opener, to identify any obvious signs of broken or worn parts. A qualified service technician knows exactly what to look for during a visual inspection. The technician will inspect the door sections, rollers, external weather seal and counterbalance systems. The inspection also includes looking carefully at all mounts, brackets, hinges and other hardware that is under stress when the door is in operation and may become loose after repetitive motion. During the service call, all bolts and screws are tightened to keep the system secure.

Adequate lubrication

Adequate lubrication is particularly important to ensure all parts are moving freely. Intense friction from daily operation can damage any metal parts without enough lubrication in the right places. Too much lubrication can also be a problem because it attracts dust and debris and can clog the works. When you call us for maintenance, our service technicians will lube hinges at their pivot points, roller stems so they move freely and steel rollers on the outside perimeter and at the joint. Additional areas that require lube include the springs and the lube bearings in the areas where the tube for a torsion spring passes through the bearing fixtures on the end. The technician will check the front idler sprocket, the rear sprocket on top of the door opener and the chain to ensure they are moving freely with as little resistance as possible. Proper maintenance of the opener also includes checking the down force pressure and aligning the electronic sensors that prevent the opener from closing the door on a person or object.

garage door is in need of service? Safety above all !

A periodic safety check is necessary to ensure no harm comes to the home's occupants. This includes testing the safety release, opener sensors, door track, springs and more. You should stay alert for signs that your garage door is in need of service. A door that is out of balance will fail to lift without resistance and will not remain fully open. Balancing the door involves adjusting the springs to ensure the same amount of force is exerted on both sides. Our service experts have the knowledge and skills to make this adjustment safely,

Garage door parts you should know

Springs, cables, pulleys and rollers are parts that will wear over time. All of these parts are under extreme tension and a frayed cable or some other worn part can cause damage to other parts and result in an overall system failure. An unexpected failure can do physical harm to you or your loved ones and cause thousands of dollars in property damage. You can avoid this type of catastrophic failure by heeding the warning signs that your garage door needs service. Call on Garage Door Repair Dallas to schedule preventive maintenance and a safety check so we can take care of small problems before they become big, expensive problems.

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