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The average garage door is a complex system of many moving and stationary parts. These parts work in unison to make it possible to move an object that weighs several hundred pounds quickly, efficiently and safely. When you need replacement garage door parts, the experts at Garage Door Repair Dallas can provide everything you need at an affordable price.

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Variety Of Garage Door Rollers

Garage door rollers are available in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes. The diameter size of the roller may be 1', 2' or 3'. Rollers with zinc or stainless steel plating are resistant to rust and perform best in an environment that is moist. Nylon rollers are less noisy than steel rollers but they are a little more expensive and are not as durable.

Hinges - allow the door panels to fold

inges join the door to the wall and, on a sectional door, allow the separate sections to pivot as the door is moved to the open position. They also allow the door panels to fold up in the closed position. Broken or worn hinges will hinder door movement and in some cases may prevent any movement at all.

Garage door cables ' risky business'

Garage door cables undergo stress every time the door opens and closes. Over time, they are at risk of becoming loose and snapping. A broken cable typically leads to additional broken parts so ignoring it is not a wise option. Worse, the violent force of the recoil when the cable snaps can cause significant injury or property damage.

Garage door tracks

These come in various lengths and widths. They guide the rollers when you raise or lower the door. Galvanized tracks will not rust but sometimes dirt can accumulate and interfere with the smooth motion of the rollers. A bent track requires replacement by a qualified garage door specialist.

Garage Door Springs

The springs provide counterbalance for the door while it is in operation and play the largest role in lifting the weight. Extension springs mount on either side of the door track and are more suitable for heavier doors. Torsion springs mount above the garage door opening and are used for lighter doors. Springs are under extreme tension and require the experience of a professional to handle them safely.

Garage door drums ' maintain balance

Garage door drums help maintain the door's balance as the springs raise and lower the door. The three types of drums available are standard-lift cable drums, vertical-lift cable drums and high-lift cable drums.

Gear kits for garage door openers

Gear kits for garage door openers are compatible with multiple opener models, including Genie and Liftmaster. Each kit includes a plastic worm wheel, gear, washers, hardware and lubricant. Garage Door Repair Dallas technicians are familiar with all types of door openers and can locate and replace parts for any type of opener.

Garage Door Repair Dallas - your source for garage door parts

From rollers to springs to weather stripping and more, Garage Door Repair Dallas is your best source for quality garage door parts at competitive prices. Our qualified technicians are standing by to help with all your needs. No job is too big or too small for our professionally trained garage door specialists. Call us today for more information or if you need to schedule a service call.

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