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The springs are among the most important components of any garage door. They do all the heavy lifting and without them, a door will not open and close. Attempting to replace a garage spring yourself is challenging and dangerous. Without the necessary knowledge and tools, you are putting yourself at risk of suffering a severe injury. For this type of job, you are better off calling on the professionals at Garage Door Repair Dallas for help. The average homeowner may open and close the garage door as many as 1,500 times per year, according to Popular Mechanics magazine. Even though most springs are guaranteed to last for tens of thousands of cycles, eventually the stress will cause them to wear out and break.

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Garage doors utilize either torsion springs or extension springs

The majority of residential garage doors feature one or two torsion springs wound around a metal rod with drums at either end. Springs typically mount to a spring anchor bracket above the midpoint of the garage door opening. They apply torque to the shaft and wind or unwind as the door closes and opens to balance the system. Two-spring systems tend to be safer, especially if one spring happens to break while the door is open. The remaining spring will prevent the door from falling and causing injury to a person or property.

2 torsion springs systems

For a system that uses two torsion springs, if one breaks, experts recommended replacing both springs at the same time. Failure to do so will put additional stress on the new spring and cause the door to be unbalanced. In most cases, the second spring is most likely worn to the point that it will break soon anyway, so you can save yourself having to call for service again by replacing both when one breaks.

Extension springs for a garage door

Extension springs mount above the horizontal tracks or along each side of the garage door. When the door closes or opens, the springs contract or expand to pull on the cables, which counterbalance the door's weight. The end of each spring features a clipped end, an open loop or a closed loop used to secure it to the garage track tension adjusting bolt, pivot pin, frame or pulley. Springs are available in a variety of lengths. The length, along with the inside diameter and wire size, depends on the size and weight of the door. Installing the wrong size spring can compromise the whole system. The professionally trained technicians at Garage Door Repair Dallas have the expertise necessary to determine which springs are right for your door.

Broken garage door

A broken garage door is a major inconvenience that can also compromise the safety of your home. We offer same day replacement and a lifetime warranty on new garage door springs with more than 30,000 cycles. There is no need to sacrifice safety and security when our repair specialists can offer swift and reliable service with your satisfaction guaranteed. Call Garage Door Repair Dallas today to discuss your options for affordable spring replacement.

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