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The color, style and construction of your garage door have a major impact on the overall appearance of your home. The experts at Garage Door Repair Dallas can help you choose the type of door that suits your needs. When selecting a new door for your garage, you will want to consider appearance, material, function and price. The majority of residential doors are wood or steel, with steel being the more affordable of the two options.

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Wooden garage doors ' the variety'

Wood garage doors are available in a variety of species and add an elegant look to most architectural styles. No other material offers the same rustic feel for older homes and those in the country than real wood. With stain or paint grade wood you can add the color that fits in best with the home's exterior design. Wood is extremely versatile allowing builders to customize them to accommodate any size or shape of door opening, including those that are arched or slanted. Unlike aluminum or steel, wood will not dent upon minor impact. Wood requires more maintenance to maintain its appearance than other materials. Without the proper sealant or coating, it can splinter, peel or crack.

Steel-back garage doors ' economical & durable

Steelback garage doors are economical, durable and require minimal maintenance. The steel foundation may have a layer of composite material that mimics the look of real wood without the need for maintenance. Steel doors stand up to the weather and will not deteriorate in moist climates the way wood will. They come in various thicknesses. A 24-gauge door will resist dents from bicycles and moderate impacts.

Lightweight aluminum garage door

Aluminum garage doors are lightweight and complement contemporary home styles with a sleek look. Less expensive options have aluminum frames and panels made of high-density synthetic materials. The more expensive models feature dent resistant panels and rugged extruded frames. Its weight makes aluminum a suitable choice for double door garages because the operating mechanism will not be under as much strain.

Insulated garage doors

Insulated garage doors are the best options for any space used as a utility room, workshop or anything other than just storing a vehicle. Most incorporate polyurethane or polystyrene foam to insulate the interior. An insulated door saves on energy costs, blocks outside noise and makes the door less noisy to operate.Custom made garage doors can be built to any specifications and offer the consumer complete control over the style and color. Doors with flush panels offer a flat, smooth look that complements the surrounding architecture without distracting from it. Raised panels add depth to the door and can be short or long. Short panels enhance any home with a symmetrical shape or elaborate trim detail. Doors may be fitted with glass windows, which improves the curb appeal and provides the additional benefit of allowing natural light in to illuminate the interior.

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Regardless of style or construction, the professionals at Garage Door Repair Dallas can help you find the right door for your home. We offer same day installation and affordable maintenance to improve performance and extend the life of the door. Call us today to discuss your options.

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